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Superstar Award 2022 Nomination Has Begin!

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

This year's most anticipated Superstar Award 2022 nomination has begin! We are excited to announce the artwork exhibit of Superstar Award 2022 Nominees at our metaverse museum website:! The Exhibit is from Sept 30th-Dec 16th 2022.

Superstar Award aims to encourage and acknowledge artists with outstanding artistic achievements, and social influencers, entrepreneurs, and celebrities who enthusiastically support non profit undertakings. The Superstar Award was established in 2019 by Superstar Art Foundation. The first award issuing was held in Cannes, France.

2022 Superstar Award includes following award categories:

  • Superstar Contribution Award

  • Best Red Carpet Style Award

  • Best Performance Award

  • Best New Artist Award

  • Best Film Award

  • Best NFT Award

2022 Superstar Award Nominees Exhibit and voting link:

Check it out and give your support to your favorable artists, and vote for Final award winners!

The final score= jury vote + online donation votes , final Superstar Award winners will be announced at Superstar Award Gala NewYork on Dec 16th. 2022.

2022 Superstar Award Gala NewYork ticket: is the first global metaverse museum, it is 7/24 hours exhibit of Artworks of Superstar award nominees, superstar shows, fashion and art shows, it is also a 365-day exhibit of culture among countries and nations. In our community artists can learn, showcase and look for funding in our platform with global i-cloud buyers. Superstar Award event organizer is Superstar Art Foundation, a non profit organization registered in Texas, USA, with its mission of supporting artists' dreams. ( This event is co-organized by: Classic Prestige Monaco Association, Americas Chamber for Business, Colorful Asia Art Museum.

Superstar Art Foundation



今年最值得期待的2022年度超星獎評選開幕了! 我们很高兴地在超星元宇宙博物馆官网 上宣布 2022年度超星獎(Superstar Award 2022 )提名者的作品展览!展览时间为2022年9月30日至12月16日。

2022年 超星奖旨在鼓勵和表彰具有突出藝術成就的藝術家,和熱心支持公益事業的社會人士,企業家,名人明星等。超星獎成立于2019年由超星藝術基金會創立,首屆在法國戛納舉行並頒發獎項,該獎項包括以下类别:

1. 超星贡献奖

2. 最佳红毯造型奖

3. 最佳表演奖

4. 最佳新人奖

5. 最佳影片奖

6. 最佳NFT奖

2022 超星奖提名作品及投票链接:




超星元宇宙博物館(網站: ) 是全球首个元宇宙博物馆,它全天候展示超星提名作品、时尚艺术秀,也是全方位的人類文明和国家民族文化展览。在我们的社区中,艺术家可以在我们的平台上学习、展示作品並連接全球云端元宇宙买家來寻找资金。超星獎活動組織方超星藝術基金會是注冊于美國德克薩斯州501-c-03非盈利組織,其使命是支持藝術家的夢想。(網站。本届活動協辦單位是摩納哥經典豪車俱樂部,美國商業聯合會,中亞心色美術舘。



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