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Superstar Awards Nominee Invitation

Call for all artists, filmmakers, actors/actress, models, designers, singers, dancers, brands!

we are looking for artist talent to join Superstar Award nomination, we will select top winners to showcase their talent and artwork at Superstar Awards Gala in Cannes on May 22nd 2024! Mark this date in your calendar, and join 5 year anniversary celebration with us, get on our red carpet and becomes shinning star during Cannes Film Festival!

The Superstar Awards serve as a shining beacon, not only honoring established icons but also nurturing the rising stars of tomorrow. With each passing year, this extraordinary event continues to captivate the world, setting the stage for memorable moments, unforgettable performances, and the recognition of outstanding talent. Join us as we celebrate the crème de la crème of the entertainment industry at the Superstar Awards, an evening dedicated to excellence and the pursuit of artistic brilliance!  A precious award----Superstar Contribution Award will be issued to the philanthropist that gives most support to our non profit programs.

2024 Superstar Awards Nominations includes:

  1. Best Film Trailer Award

  2. Best Performance Award

  3. Best Actor/Actress Award

  4. Best Red Carpet Style Award

  5. Best New Artist Award

  6. Best Creation Award

  7. Superstar Contribution Award (top 3 winners)

Fill in Superstar Awards online application form at:

Sign up to join Superstar Gala Cannes 2024 ticket at:

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Keep up the great work. The ancestors say that if one is on the right path, the Gods will bless one abundantly.