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Superstar Museum joins Metaverse Asia Expo 2022

We are pleased to announce the launch of our metaverse museum: , and we will join Metaverse Asia Expo 2022 during 10/17/2022 -10/21/2022, we will display our NFT Art, nonprofit program, MissEconomicWorld, and virtual fashion design items, please visit our booth at the expo sign up link:

About Metaverse Asia Expo

Over 10,000 participant-visits expected – first Metaverse Asia Expo (MAE 2022) to be held in October in multiple cities including Hong Kong, Shanghai and Vietnam

Hong Kong, September 20th, 2022 – The first-ever, inaugural Metaverse Asia Expo (The Expo) with an overarching theme of “Metaverse Opportunities and Our Future” will be held concurrently in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Vietnam from October 17 to 21, presenting exhibitors from all across Asia. Over 10,000 participant-visits are expected through Metaverse, while an additional 100,000 are expected to watch the live broadcast.

Bypassing geographical and pandemic-related restrictions, the virtual nature of the Expo lifts the exhibition and other interactive and gamified activities above and beyond physical limitations, providing access to all participants across the globe. Sustainability is also a core attribute of the expo: the absence of physical booths ensures reduced waste production and carbon emissions.

Dr. Kate Kwan, Spokesperson of the Expo, said: “Metaverse is our future; the development trend. MAE 2022 will focus on four major areas, including how Metaverse can assist enterprises achieve healthy growth in the long run, how Metaverse can be deployed for carbon neutrality, how to train and develop an I&T professional pool needed for Metaverse economy, and facilitate investors to better understand the diverse nature of Metaverse products and projects.”

This novel Expo is supported by various professional organizations, including the Association of Blockchain Development (ABCD), Asia CEO Community, GBX, Allinial Global, HKTDC, Cyberport and InvestHK and GBA Carbon Neutrality Association etc. The Expo has met great enthusiasm from exhibitors, featuring renowned, large scale enterprises, including Virtway, Tappy, Newsight Imaging and PWC etc., ranging from technology, finance, start-ups to Metaverse ecosystem etc., all of whom have committed to hosting virtual booths at the Expo. Exhibitors can attract new customers/collaborators by showcasing their latest products. The virtual setting of the Expo also enables exhibitors to hold different activities with ease, including product launch and press conferences, hence establishing their own Metaverse brands and aiding them in business development and profit growth in the future world of Metaverse.

Superstar Art Foundation


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