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Superstar Art Coin-NFT Roaring Tiger 2022 (gold)

Superstar Art Coin-NFT Roaring Tiger 2022 (gold)

SKU: SAF20220001

The year of 2022 is the year of Tiger, Superstar NFT Artcoin is issued by Superstar Art Foundation,  it is the first NFT artwork coin worldwide that associated with gold value.   A perfect gift for your family, friends, and collectors! 


Tiger is the king of the beasts. The "Roaring Tiger" is intended to use a roaring tiger to drive away the virus and protect the health and wealth of you and your family. The good luck will come in a pair together in 2022 that you are lucky and wealthy in the New Year 2022!   "Roaring TIger" original oil painting is created by May Liu, artist and philanthropyst, featured in CBS,NBC, FOX medias, as well as showing on BigScreen Times Square NewYork. This NFT painting is listed at decentralized digital currency NFT exchange: with NFT value 1.5ETH, Superstar Art Coin purchaser will get "Roaring Tiger" NFT painting as bonus.  You will need to attach the recieving address of your coinbase wallet when you make your order of the coin. 


Superstar Art Coin-Roaring Tiger 2022 (gold) set including:

- 999 pure Gold 1g minted Tiger Coin with   one piece (size: Diameter=4.0cm)

- A wood box with a set of proxy glass stand

- A printed collection certificate signed by creator MAY LIU and issued by Superstar Art Foundation

- A Golden VIP Member card

- An authentication certificate of the gold coin issued by National Center of Analysis and Testing for non-ferrous Metals & Electronic Materials

- NFT Digital copy of artwork of oil painting "Roaring Tiger 2022" at Ethereum price=1.5 (i.e. $5000)

- A QR code to scan connect to video of this painting creation (SuperstarTV888)

Gold coin with NFT painting value total worth $10,000, Global Limited version 1000 Pieces. 


(The photo provided is real product photo.)



According to our customer request, now your can CUSTOMIZE your collectable Superstar Art Coin with your own picture, minimum order 1pc or up, we will give special bonus of FREE UPLOAD NFT for your artcoin, total limited version 1000 pieces.  Contact us at:  Tel/Whatsapp: +1-509-270-1687




老虎是百兽之王。 “威虎”意在用咆哮的老虎驱赶病毒,守护您和家人的健康和财富。 意味着 2022 年好事成双,你在 2022 年的新年里财源广进! 《威虎》原创油画由旅美艺术家、慈善家MAY LIU女士创作,她曾被 CBS、NBC、FOX 等媒体報道,該作品于2022新年期間在纽约时代广场大屏展出。这幅 NFT 画作在去中心化数字货币 NFT 交易所上架:,NFT 价值 1.5ETH,

购买 Superstar Art Coin 将获得“威虎”NFT 画作作为奖励。当您订购藝術幣时,您需要附上您的 coinbase 钱包的接收地址。


Superstar Art Coin-Roaing Tiger 2022(限量版)套装包括:

-  20克銅鍍金以及999 纯金 1g 金币一枚(尺寸:直径=4.0cm)

- 一个带有一组有機玻璃支架的紅木盒包裝

- 由创作者 MAY LIU 签名并由 Superstar Art Foundation 颁发的收藏证书

- 超星俱樂部 金色VIP 会员卡

- 国家有色金属与电子材料分析测试中心出具的金币鉴定证书

- 油画作品《虎啸2022》的NFT数字拷贝,以太坊价格=1.5(即5000 美元)

- 一个二维码扫描鏈接到这幅画创作的视频






應廣大客戶要求, 現在您可以按您喜歡的圖案定制您的收藏级超星藝術金幣,最低订购 1 件起,並附送免費NFT上架展示,全球限量1000枚。联系我们 电话/Whatsapp:+1-509-270-1687

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