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Artist's Promotion News!

Superstar Art Foundation is a nonprofit organization registered with the US Internal Revenue Service 501(c) 03. Our mission is to support the artist's dreams! We've set up Youtube, Instram, facebook promotion channels for artists, our cooperation has been established with 90 major media globally and 2000 Chinese cinemas.

Superstar Art Foundation is organizing "Miss Economic World" championship and Superstar Contribution Award 2020. The press release was held in the Metropolitan Club NYC on August 19, 2019. The final awards will be presented at the Cannes Film Festival in France in May 2020.

Superstar Art Foundation invites global artists to participate in the award voting. Artists with more than 5,000 social media fans can be invited to serve as our jury member position, and we will provide the artist's interview or video promotion at Youtube for free once. Registered VIP members can enjoy our annual social media promotion and art product member discount, VIP members are also invited to participate in the art and charity events held by foundation.

Important notes as followed:

1. Superstar Art Foundation official news website: Http://

2. Miss Economic World Registration Group: Https://

3. Superstar Contribution Award Group: Https://

4. VIP member registration link:

5. Artists please send your resume and artwork by 09/30/2019 to Email: Email Title: Name + Miss Economy World / Super Star Contribution Award Registration

超级巨星艺术基金会是美国国税局注册501(c) 03之公益组织。致力于艺术家推广,支持艺术家的梦想!现已开通Youtube, Instram, facebook推广渠道,并与海内外90家主流媒体以及中国2000家影院建立了合作。









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