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Celebrate a Superstar thanksgiving holiday with your family at Superstar Awards Gala Dallas!

Time: 11/19/2023

Venue: Apricus Venue, Corinth, TX76208

What you will expect:

- Family office and solutions presentation

- Miss Economic World fashion show and Superstar Award Show

- Superstar Award Gala dinner

- Celebrate culture and heritage join the voice of humanity "One Earth One Family"

Check out our Superstars at the Superstar Award gala:

🦃 How to Secure Your Seat at the Table?

  1. Visit Event Website for exclusive Thanksgiving deals on gala tickets at:

  1. RSVP before the turkey gets cold and secure your spot at the most talked-about event of the season.

  2. Get ready to give thanks in the company of economic superstars and fellow Thanksgiving trendsetters!

🌟 Share the Love! 🌟 Spread the word by tagging your friends, family, and fellow trendsetters who would trade in pumpkin pie for a slice of economic excellence! Use #ThanksgivingSuperstar and let the world know that this Thanksgiving, we're giving thanks in Dallas style!

Don't just have a thankful Thanksgiving—have a SUPERSTAR Thanksgiving! 🦃🌟✨ #SuperstarGala2023 #ThanksgivingGlam #DallasStyleThanksgiving

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