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Superstar Award Gala 2021 Invitation (online)

Superstar Award Gala 2021 Invitation!

What do you expect?

-Meet Miss Economic World Top winners 2020-2021

- Have fun with Celebrities and social influencers

-Watch wonderful virtual fashion show and performance from award winning artists.

- Witness and vote for Superstar Contribution Award 2021 winner

- A stage to showcase your artwork and talent in front of millions audience.

- A chance to win the lucky draw gift for your Christmas!

Event Name: Superstar Gala Show Date: Dec.18th, 2021 Time: 9:00am-10:00am Central Time USA Venue: Virtual Online Invitation: Media, VIP members, art investors, designers, celebrities, high net worth individuals, artists, investors, collectors. Estimate people: 100 people

Agenda: 1. VIP guests red carpet photo show 2. President of SAF and MEW greeting 3. Superstar Collections Fashion show (By: Miss Economic World Winners) 4. Artwork show and auction 5. Sponsor Donation and speech 6. Artists performance 7. Superstar Contribution Award Issuing 8. Media Q&A 9. Lucky Draw Christmas Gift

10. end

Organizer: www.MissEconomicWorld.com www.Superstar-Art-Foundation.org

Artist apply for performance and award nomination please sign up by Oct. 31th 2021 at:


About "Superstar Contribution Award"

"Superstar Contribution Award" is to recognize the artists who support non profit Humanity business in the contribution of their artwork, This award is initiated by Superstar Art Foundation in 2019. "Superstar Contribution Award 2019" was issued at Superstar Gala Cannes at Villa Oxygene on May 20th 2019. With supporting partner of Jackson's family foundation and Mandela's family Foundation. 2019 Superstar Contribution Award were issued to: philanthropist Richard Nilson, movie brand "Tony Stark", The voice of Monacco-Alan Landry. SCA Award 2019 news link: https://www.superstar-art-foundation.org/post/superstar-art-foundation-2019-cannes-news

How to join?

1. facebook: follow us at facebook "miss economic world" page, find event link as below,

Book ticket online or register with us at facebook: https://fb.me/e/1jSZaAKbn

2. Website registration at:

www.Superstar-art-foundation.org click on DONATION button, fill in your information

Once we received your payment, we will email you a link and ticket number to participate the event, save your ticket number for lucky draw and voting purpose at the event.

We can't wait to see you in our event!

Join us now, Let's support Artists' Dream Together!

Want to be our event distributer or sponser?

Please contact us at: info@superstar-art-foundation.org

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